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A puppy is a serious commitment, please respect the following essentials for a whippet : -

A well fenced yard - mine have never jumped over 4' height (1200 cm) fence although they can bounce on the spot much higher than that. Whippets can squeeze through narrow gaps. Yards must be safe and protective. Being such a friendly attractive breed, security is vital against theft of the dog.

Company - ideally another whippet companion, another friendly dog, or stay-at-home owner dedicated to being a companion to their whippet. Whippets are not happy alone.

Responsible Owner - Whippets are smart sensitive loyal dogs that form very close attachments from an early age. They suffer a sense of betrayal, abandonment and confusion when rejected. So it is irresponsible and cruel to take any puppy on a whim or as a temporary disposable project.

Basics - Clean water - Quality food - Warm bed - Shelter - Play and Exercise - Mental stimulation (toys)

First option to re-home by me stipulated if an owner later finds they can no longer keep their whippet.

Inclusions - Initial C3 vaccination, wormed per best practice with heartworm prevention, microchipped, ANKC registered with Dogs Queensland, DNA parentage recorded, nails trimmed regularly as part of general handling and socialisation. Pups given first gentle bathing and leading lessons.

Dewclaws NOT amputated - As recommended by The Australian Veterinary Association.

  • Dewclaw amputation is a cosmetic elective comparable to ear cropping and tail docking.
  • Several ligaments atrophy from removal of dog thumbs, weakening front end conformation.
  • Painful outcomes include leg to shoulder soreness, chronic carpal arthritis and associated expenses.
  • No reputable evidence exists that dewclaws are injured any more often than other parts of dogs.
  • Junabeez pups remain in natural state supporting quality of life into old age.

More under "Dewclaws" on the above menu.

The purebred Whippet is truly worthy of perpetuation and promotion...not just a dog....
Whippets are employed to educate children about pets and trusted as therapy visitors to the aged and infirm,

Junabeez A Kind Of Hush with owner Chris have qualified as a Therapy Team at PA Hospital.

Junabeez Hugo Moss with owner Eve doing great work as well.

Whippets excel in a variety of activities and disciplines.

Sincere thanks to owners for keeping in touch with news and photos of your Junabeez whippets and friends.

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